Awakening Alone


A big part of the awakening process involves spending time alone - getting to know ourselves on a deeper level.

Alongside this comes an unquenchable thirst for learning, as we unravel our old ways of doing and being, and seek inspiration for new ways.

The beauty of learning alone is that you can fit your learning around your other life priorities, dipping in and out at a time that suits you.

If you like the idea of  studying at a time that suits you, I hope that one of the offerings below will whet your appetite...

This five week course, including audio lessons and downloadable meditations will allow you to cleanse your mind and re-set your thinking.

This collection of downloadable guided meditations will connect you to the loving wisdom of Mother Earth, making way for healing.

This seven week course takes you on a healing and meditative journey through your chakra system to re-balance your mind, body, soul & spirit.

"An inspiring tale about one woman's strength, courage and empowering journey to self-love; it's a touching story with a very powerful message. We couldn't put it down!"
Soul&Spirit Magazine

After thinking that life can't get much better, sweet-natured Jude finds her life in tatters. Whilst trying to make sense of where it all went wrong, a series of synchronicities lead her to a place of support, and she discovers that the answers to her problems lie closer than she thinks. A story of love and loss, painful endings and new beginnings, this tale, based on true life stories, touches on some hard-hitting issues and highlights the power that lies within us all; a power so strong that once we step into it, nothing is impossible.