At times, you are inspired and motivated and full of energy. You are creative and productive and enthusiastic. You are excitable and friendly and juicy and lustful and out there, pushing the boundaries, whipping up a storm.

Sometimes you are nurturing and kind and caring and giving and supportive.

And at other times you are tired and reserved and slow and unproductive. You are quiet and sensitive and sad and tearful.

As a woman, you have many facets.   And a big part of the awakening process involves embracing each and every one of them.

This is because you are a cyclical being; just like the seasons - forever changing, forever evolving, forever shape-shifting.

You are not meant to stay the same. You are not meant to be smiley and sweet and productive and supportive all the time.


It goes against your innate feminine nature.

And yet you have probably been conditioned to believe otherwise.



You probably feel inadequate on a frequent basis. And guilty too. Oh, and lonely three!
Because you imagine that everyone else is perfectly able to sustain a way of living that is,
quite frankly, completely unnatural to a woman.

And in order to embody this truth, and therefore experience fulfillment, you need to embrace the cycle of life fully, being guided by its natural rhythms, which involves;

  • allowing parts of you that no longer serve you to fall away, to make space for new inspiration, creation and manifestation.


  • fully accepting and welcoming the constant process of death and re-birth, both in life, and in you.

The question is, are you waking up to this realisation yet? Are these words resonating with you?

If so, beautiful, you are most definitely the awakening woman.

An already awakened woman has got it sussed.
That doesn’t mean her life is easy. But it sure feels easier because she’s in the flow.

She knows how important it is to:-

  1. Cleanse her mind. She will understand and recognise her fears as they arise. She will continually release old stories and beliefs that were never meant for her. She will be aware of the power of her thoughts and the need to constantly re-programme them for the highest good.

  2. Honour her soul. She will listen to the loving, wise part of her that longs to re-connect her with her spirit. She will be so familiar with this guidance and trust in its intelligence, more than anything or anyone else.

  3. Cherish her body. She will understand its value, its purpose, its beauty and its magic. She will listen to its message and welcome its voice.

  4. Return to Mother Earth. She will take guidance from the unconditionally loving mother who holds her, and leads her to her truth, and to her healing, and to her wholeness.

  5. Surrender to her spirit. She will delight in the call of inspiration and passion and delight, that leads her to her purpose and her joy.

  6. Co-create from a place of inspiration, love, purpose and wholeness, equality, collaboration, common ground and solutions, for the highest good of all.

And she will do all of these things every day (and be reminded of the consequence if she doesn’t).

Would you like to live this way?


It’s completely possible. In fact, it’s the most natural thing in the world.
You will feel like you’ve come home.

Meantime, there’s some unlearning to be done!

And if you’re ready and willing, I would love to show you how to:-

  • Connect with, and trust in, your inner wisdom – your very own, highly intelligent guidance system

  • Create a daily spiritual practice so that you can connect habitually and naturally to your loving truth

  • Identify, and release old stories and beliefs that are holding you back

  • Overcome self-sabotage and find the wisdom behind the need to

  • Reconnect with Mother Earth – understand her cycles, take wisdom from them and apply them to your own life and to your own cycle

  • Release any guilt and shame as you heal the mother wound

  • Listen to your body’s needs and subtle messages, learning to cherish it and allowing it to heal

  • Connect with your passion and your purpose in life so that you can wake up in the morning feeling motivated and inspired

So that you can feel whole again (you are already whole by the way, you’re just disconnected from your wholeness).

Sound good?

If so, I'd love to offer you the opportunity to work one to one with me for three months and cover all of the above.

Our time together will consist of nine sessions (skype, phone or in person), seven of which will be 60 minutes, and two of which will be 90 minutes. 


The truth is, we don't know what will come up most strongly for you or when. But please know that when you need the extra time, it will be yours.

You will also be lovingly supported and guided through the awakening process, and be provided with any and all of the materials that you need along the way - videos, meditations, interactive worksheets and more. I have a multitude of tools. Together, we'll pick what's right for you.

Love hearts from my beloved awakening women

"Jo is a fantastic coach whose encouraging approach and support keeps me moving forward.

I am amazed at how differently I feel simply by listening to my inner wisdom which is guiding me into a place that feels right. I have found a sense of peace that I have been looking for for a long time!" 


"Since working with Jo, my life has changed hugely, on both an internal and an external level. I've always been a high achiever in the work place and in my personal life which has involved a great deal of doing and striving. Jo has taught me how to be in the moment and trust in the process of life. 

Letting go of control and taking care of myself felt so alien to begin with, but I've seen that stepping back a little makes space for the things I deeply want to come and meet me halfway. 

In a short space of time, I have manifested my dream home, my dream job which involves me having more time with my family, and more money, and I feel so much calmer. I understand myself better now and trust in my inner knowing to show me the way. My loved ones have benefitted hugely too."